Traditional Menus

Menu availability is currently limited due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please call for specific menu questions. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

We are currently moving to ordering online. The Menu is available below, but the ordering platform is not ready for action just yet. We are still on the "phone and pickup" system.

    We have gone to a "Beta" version, which is an experimental module for the current online ordering platform, which is ordered online from the link at the LEFT. All food & beverage is ordered online, prepaid and picked up at our drop site, curbside pickup on Dunham St. This is for the Lunch Menu currently available.

We have menus for all occasions. Please click on the one you are most interested in. We use the freshest and finest ingredients, local when available, in the production of all of our menu items.  We produce all of our own bread products and prepare from scratch with love and attention to detail, with the satisfaction of our customers as our main goal. We use local, natural meat products that are antibiotic and hormone free.  We have numerous special events throughout the year, such as  Holiday brunches, special menu nights, barbeques, garden and patio events, as well as hosting wedding receptions and family events, so watch our Bulletin Board for announcements.

                                                        Our Daily Offerings:

  Monday-Friday 8-11    Saturday and Sunday 8-12
Our Breakfast menu has a variety of delicious traditional favorites, made from scratch. They range from small and simple, to large combinations. There’s something for everybody. We also color outside the lines, at times, and offer some classics and unconventionals...

"Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my new favorite day." - Pooh

Our Daily Bread Restaurant Lunch Burger

Dinner Menu      4 - 8

Our Daily Bread Catering
Our Catering menu has a wide range of selections, from appetizers and small plates, burgers and sandwiches, to excellent full meal entrees, seafood, chicken, steak and pastas.