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Lazy Dazy Specialty Baked Goods

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Scones                                              3.25 each / 33 dozen

Marionberry-Orange, Blueberry-Lemon, Peach-Walnut,,  Mixed Berry,

Muffins  Small: 2.50 / 24 dozen  Large:   3.75 each / 40 dz. Pumpkin Gingerbread, Mixed Berry, Lemon Poppy, Orange-Almond

Hand Rolled Danish 4.50 each / 49.50 dz.  

Cherry, Almond Cheese, Apple

Coffee Bundt Cake   3.75 slice / 30 whole / 6.75 Mini

Streusel Almond Crumb, Blueberry, Apple-Walnut

Cinnamon Rolls 4.95 each / 55 dz.

Baker’s Choice Bakery Assortment  40 dz.


*Wheat-Free/Dairy-Free Options

Scones   Raspberry or Almond-Poppy   3.50 each / 38 dz

Muffins    Blueberry or Lemon-Poppy  3.00 each / 28 dozen 

Lazy Dazy’s Powerup Bars    4.50 each / 49.50 dz. Peanut Butter Granola, Sunshine Apricot, Moonshine Cranberry (All are wheat-free and Vegan)

Breakfast Cookies  4.50 each / 49.50 dz.

Apple-Almond, Pumpkin Walnut



Pies:   18 each

 Three Berry, Apple Crumb, Peach-Raspberry, Chocolate Mousse, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Coconut Cream, no sugar added Berry or Apple

Cheesecakes (10 inch)  45 each

Vanilla with marionberry sauce, Chocolate Chip Espresso, Lemon, Strawberry Swirl, Pumpkin, Chocolate Swirl

Bread Pudding (12 inch)   36 each

Cinnamon Swirl with raisins, Pumpkin Spice, Marionberry

Cakes (10 inch)    $55 each

All cakes are three layers of moist delicious cake made from scratch and 2 layers of filling or frosting. The price includes   message writing, colors, and basic icing decor on your cake or cupcakes. 2 dozen cupcake minimum. Various sizes and Tiers can be special ordered.

Carrot Cake (with coconut, pineapple and cream cheese frosting.    

Chocolate Hazelnut Torte (Chocolate Cake with Hazelnut Cream and Chocolate Ganache.) ,

Lemon-Raspberry  ( Lemon cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting)

Toffee Tiramisu ( Layers of white cake with toffee pieces soaked with espresso and topped with chocolate cream.)

Salted Carmel Fudge Cake ( Chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and drizzled with salted caramel.)

German Chocolate ( Chocolate cake with layers of pecan filling and chocolate buttercream.)

Vanilla Cream ( Our moist white cake drizzled with vanilla syrup, filled with vanilla custard and covered with vanilla cream and toasted almonds)

Fresh Berries and Cream ( white cake with layers of fresh berries and cream)

Wheat-Free/Dairy-Free Options

Vanilla Cheesecake, Chocolate Raspberry Cake, Lemon Poppy 

Cookies and Bars:    

Seasonal, Specialty and Decorated Cookies available upon request


Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Peanut butter, Snickerdoodles, Biscotti, Hazelnut Sandies, Shortbread, Lemon Crinkles, White Chocolate Macadamia, Triple Chocolate Espresso, Coconut Macaroons, Meringues 

$13.50 Dozen  (2 dozen Minimum)  


Lemon Bars, Pecan Pie Bars, Cookie Bars, Fudge Brownies $35 dz


Wheat-Free/Dairy-Free Options

Lemon Bars, Pecan Pie Bars, Coconut Macaroons, Meringues, Cardamon-Hazelnut Sugar, Shortbread, Molasses Cookies


Vegan Bakery Options


Berry Pie or Apple Pie $20

Lazy Dazy Oatmeal Cookie (with chocolate chips, pecans, coconut, cranberries) $15 dz.

Mexican Wedding Cookies ( with walnuts) $18 dz.

Dark Chocolate Cake $60

Coconut Raspberry Cake $60

French Bread $4.25

Foccacia Bread $8

Lazy Dazy’s Powerup Bars

No Sugar Bakery Options

No Sugar Bakery Options


Apple Pie

Three Berry Pie

Peach Raspberry Pie


French Loaves and Baguettes 4.25 ( Made from our own sourdough starter}

                                                  Dinner Rolls $8.50 dz.

Whole Wheat (Baked fresh everyday with stone ground wheat flour) $5.50

                                                  Dinner Rolls 8.75dz.

Herb Parmesan ( loaf filled with parmesan cheese, garlic and Italian Herbs) $6.50

Sourdough Rye (Sourdough starter, rye, molasses and caraway seeds) $6

 Cinnamon Swirl (A sweet dough rolled with butter, cinnamon and sugar) $6

 Foccaia  (Artisan style bread with olive oil.) $15 Half Sheet

 Potato Rosemary (Baked with red potatoes and fresh rosemary) $6

 Burger Buns (Made with our French Dough) $8 half dozem

Oat Walnut (with oats, flax, whole wheat and walnuts) $6

Challah  (Airy bread with egg and butter formed into braids) $6

Pumpkin Hazelnut (round loaves with pumpkin, brown sugar and hazelnuts) $6


 Sweet Quick Bread   $6.95

Pumpkin Gingerbread Marionberry-Orange, Cranberry Orange, Banana


Wheat-Free/Dairy-Free Options

Old Fashioned White  $8.50

Herb and Garlic  $8.95


Savory Bakery Options


Soup Pockets  $5.50 each / $55 dz.

Parmesan Danish 4.50 each / 49.50 dz.

Frittata  $3.75 each / $40 dz.

Stratta  7.50 slice / $40 whole


Unless items are in the bakery,  orders require a three day notice and a minimum quantity depending on the item.