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Eat Dessert First!



New York Style Cheesecake -

Ask about our flavor of the week. (Our own wheat-free cookie crust) 8.50


Bread Pudding -

Our own cinnamon swirl baked in a light custard with raisins and served warm with caramel sauce and a dollop of whipped cream. 7.50


Carrot Cake -

Our signature carrot cake packed full of pineapple, walnuts, coconut and carrots, baked into four layers of moist cake with layers of rich cream cheese frosting.  8.50


Marionberry Pie

 Marionberries, blueberries, and strawberries lightly sweetened and baked in our buttery crust.  Served warm with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.  7 50        .


Chocolate Hazelnut Torte

Four layers of our moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and fresh hazelnut whipped cream.     8.50


Cinnamon Roll Bliss

Indulge in a hot, gooey cinnamon roll topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and real whipped cream.  7.50                      



Served Wednesday to Sunday 8am to 11am

All bread baked fresh in our bakery.  Substitute a fresh biscuit, english muffin  or wheat-free bread for $1.50 more.


*Traditional Eggs and Potatoes  9.75

Two eggs, however you’d like ‘em, served with our fresh country red potatoes and toast.

Add Bacon(4 slices),  Sausage (1 patty), or Ham ( 1 steak) 14

*Steak and Eggs

 Two eggs, however you’d like ‘em, served with a tender, flame broiled New York steak (sourced from Oregon Natural Meat), our country red potatoes and toast. 26.50


The Veggie Scramble

This scramble includes fresh onions, mushrooms, green peppers, spinach, and tomatoes. Topped with avocado and Swiss cheese. Substitute tofu for egg and cheese.  Served with our country red potatoes, toast ‘n’ jam 15.50



The Very Meaty Scramble 

If you like it with meat, try this one! Ham, bacon, sausage, cheddar cheese, fresh green peppers and onions and country gravy on the potatoes.   15.95  Served with our country red potatoes, toast ‘n’ jam


McKenzie Omelet

Stuffed with fresh mushrooms, onions, bacon, tomato, and cheddar cheese. Served with avocado, black olives and our zesty salsa and sour cream upon request. 16.95  Served with our country red potatoes, toast ‘n’ jam



The Hamlet

Our three- egg fluffy omelet is served with a generous portion of diced ham, red peppers, onions and smoked gouda cheese. 15.95 Served with our country red potatoes, toast ‘n’ jam 


Traditional Ham and Cheese Omelet

Our three- egg fluffy omelet is served with a generous portion of diced ham and cheddar cheese.15.50



A traditional creamy French custard baked with Tim's own seasoning and flaky crust. Choose either spinach-tomato or bacon onion.   Served with breakfast potatoes. 15


*Chicken Fried Steak

CFS how it should be done! 6oz Angus cube steak served with two eggs, however you’d like ‘em, topped with our creamy sausage gravy.  Served with our country red potatoes, toast ‘n’ jam. 20


*Biscuits and Gravy Combo

Two eggs, however you’d like ‘em, with breakfast potatoes, two slices of bacon and our warm biscuits. Topped with our creamy sausage gravy. 16.50   Biscuits and Gravy 12.75/ Half order 7.75


*Focaccia San   

 Our own focaccia bread served with egg, cheese, sliced tomato and avocado. 12.75  Add bacon or ham 15.50   Served with our country red potatoes


Breakfast Wraps

Choose from bacon, ground sausage or veggie medley scrambled with two eggs, breakfast potatoes, peppers and onions.  Topped with cheddar cheese.  14.75


 Wet Breakfast Burrito

Take bacon and a medley of veggies and scramble with eggs, cheddar cheese and potatoes.  Smothered with our amazing country gravy. You have our version of a Wet Burrito!  18


Spicy-Pork Wet Burrito

Our house braised pork is combined with diced jalapeño peppers, onions and tomatoes and scrambled with eggs, and potatoes, then smothered with pepper jack cheese and topped with our amazing country gravy.   18



Pancakes and French Toast


Oat-Bran Buttermilk Pancakes

Single Cake 7.25   Short Stack (2) 10  Tall Stack O’ Cakes (3) 15.25


Marionberry Pancakes

Our fluffy Oat-Bran buttermilk pancakes topped with our own marionberry compote.

Single Cake 9Short Stack (2) 12.75   Tall Stack O’ Cakes (3) 18


*Pancake Platter

Two oat-bran pancakes served with two eggs, however you’d like ‘em, and your choice of bacon or sausage.  15   Make it Marionberry 18


French Toast

Six wedges of our fresh baked cinnamon swirl bread dipped in creamy custard with egg, milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and real vanilla, then toasted to perfection and dusted with powdered sugar 12.75   Half order French toast (four wedges) 9.75


*French Toast Platter

Four wedges of our freshly baked cinnamon swirl, toasted to perfection, dusted with powdered sugar and served with two eggs, however you’d like ‘em, and your choice of bacon, sausage or ham. 15


Marionberry – Hazelnut French Toast

Four wedges of our cinnamon French toast topped with our own Marionberry compote, toasted hazelnuts.

and whipped cream on top.  15.75    Half order 12.75   Make it a platter with eggs and bacon. 18.75



~Daily Bread Soups~

Our soups are house made and change regularly with our daily house soup being a Chicken Borscht – not the beet kindJ Our Borscht is made with finely diced chicken, carrots, onions, celery and potatoes and house seasonings. Cooked for a long time, our Chicken Borscht is thick and delicious. Served with our fresh baked bread and butter.

Soup du Jour or Alpine Chicken Borscht  Cup / Bowl 5.25/ 7.50

Friday Clam Chowder  5.75 cup, 8.00 bowl, 14.00 quart

Soup Growlers Available $12 quart


Fresh Salads

All served with freshly baked bread, butter and one of our signature dressings.

Garlic Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Walnut Parmesan Vinaigrette, Thousand Island, or Cranberry Vinaigrette

Add: cup of soup 4.25 more

Daily Bread Caesars

Fresh Romaine Leaves tossed with Parmesan Cheese, our garlic-herb croutons, and our house Caesar dressing

- Classic Caesar  7.25 small/12.95 large   - Chicken Caesar 11.25 small/16.50 large

- Cajun Wild Coho Salmon Caesar   16.50 small/21.95 large


Apple Cranberry Spinach Salad   

Organic Baby spinach tossed with chopped apples, feta, hazelnuts, dried cranberries, and our signature cranberry vinaigrette. 9.50 small/15 large        Add: sliced chicken breast – 5.25 more  - grilled salmon 12.50


Curry Chicken Salad 

Diced chicken breasts tossed with apples, red onions, red pepper, dried cranberries, and celery.  A splash of curry, our special seasonings, mayo and a sprinkle of red peppers, cashews and coconut complete this delicious salad. 9.50/15


Featherbenders Cobb (Halves not available)

A traditional Cobb salad. Our crisp mixed greens topped with diced tomatoes, a hard-boiled egg,

bleu cheese crumbles, bacon, olives and fresh grilled chicken breast. 16.75


Our Daily Greens

Crisp romaine tossed with mixed greens, shredded carrot and red cabbage and topped with our seasonal vegetable garnish and our fresh baked herb croutons 6.50 small/10.50 large  Add: sliced chicken breast – 5.25more - grilled salmon 12.50




~ Hot Fare ~

Chicken Pot Pie

Tender chicken simmered with carrots, celery, onion and potato and stirred into a savory chicken sauce and baked till golden brown. Served with choice of coleslaw, soup or steak fries.  14.25

Prawns Tempura Platter

 Six Jumbo Prawns dipped in our Tempura Batter and fried to a golden brown.  Served with steak fries and coleslaw. 19            

Small Prawn Platter: Three prawns and one Side  13.50

 * Fried Oyster Platter   

Six fresh Northwest oysters lightly breaded with our   seasoned flour. Served with Cajun tartar sauce, steak fries and coleslaw. 19      Small Oyster Platter: Three oysters and one side  13.50

 Fish and Chips Platter        

Three lightly battered and fried tender cod fillets.  Served with tartar sauce, steak fries and coleslaw and garnished with a lemon wedge. 16.95  Small Fish Platter:  Two cod and one side  12.50

 *Salmon Fingers Platter

Wild Coho salmon lightly battered and fried to a golden brown. Served with steak fries, Cajun remoulade and coleslaw. 22                         Small Salmon Platter:  Two salmon and one Side  14.95



Our burger patties are a half of a pound of fresh beef, locally sourced from Oregon Valley

Natural Meats and served with onions, tomato, lettuce, pickles and mayonnaise on our house bun with steak fries.

*Traditional Daily Burger 14.95

*Bacon Cheese Burger 17.50

*Patty Melt

 Served grilled on our Rye with 1000 Island, grilled onion and Swiss Cheese. 16.95 *

*Northwest Delights

Topped with Swiss, avocado, & mushrooms. 17.50       *Substitute chicken... no charge  

Tofu Patty San

A Perkins family recipe, this veggie alternative with oats, whole wheat flour, eggs, garlic, peppers, onions and our special seasonings, grills up golden brown and delicious.  15.25

*Double Decker Cajun BBQ Bacon Burger

A whole pound of beef with our tangy BBQ sauce, spicy Cajun seasoning, jack cheese & bacon for tasty burger!  22.50           Single Cajun Burger  17.50

*Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger

Topped with bacon, melted bleu cheese & grilled mushrooms. 18.25 *Substitute chicken... no charge                  


~ Cold and Hot Specialty Sandwiches ~

Served with your choice of steak fries, coleslaw or cup of soup.     Substitute mixed greens for 2.95 or Wheat-Free Bread for $1.50 more.


Turkey San

Our fresh roasted turkey breast served with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and cranberry sauce on our fresh whole wheat bread. 9.25/13.25

Ham and Swiss San

Thinly sliced ham served with lettuce, tomato and dijonaise on whole wheat bread. 8.75/12.75

BLT Focaccia

Four slices of bacon with fresh tomato and lettuce.  Served with mayonnaise on our fresh baked focaccia. 9.25 half /13.50

Grilled Ham and Gouda

A little bit of breakfast with lunch!! Sliced ham, grilled green pepper and onion served with melted smoked gouda cheese on our cinnamon swirl. 14  (Halves not available)  Try with jam!

Six Cheese Grill

Cheese at its best!  Smoked Gouda, Swiss, Cheddar and Jack all melted together and grilled on our Parmesan Herb Bread.  12.50 (Halves not available)

Our Daily Reuben

Our house corned beef is braised in a hoppy Oregon stout and then thinly sliced.   Topped with stout soaked         sauerkraut on house made rye with melted Swiss cheese and our1000 Island sauce.   10.25 half / 15.25 whole

Braised Pork Reuben San

Tender braised pork grilled on our rye bread with Sauerkraut, 1000 Island and  Swiss Cheese.  9.25 half / 13.95 whole

The Featherbenders Grill

Sliced turkey breast, Swiss, tomato, avocado, and bacon on our Herb Parmesan bread. 10.25 half /15.25 whole

BBQ Pork San

 Tender braised pork served with our tangy barbeque sauce, coleslaw garnish and melted jack cheese.  Served open faced on a fresh bun.  13.95  whole (Halves not available)

Malibu Chicken San

Grilled chicken breast served on a fresh bun with sliced ham, avocado, honey mustard and Swiss cheese.  14.95  

(Halves not available)

*New York Steak San

  A tender flame broiled New York steak (sourced from Oregon Natural Meat,) served open-faced on our grilled focaccia with mayo and topped with grilled mushrooms and tomato.  Served with steak fries.  24.95






Split plate charge 3.50 –

20% service charge added for parties of 8 or more

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs ma increase your risk of foodborne illness

~Beverages ~

~Beverages ~

Equator Coffee  (Organic, Fresh, Local Italian Roast )  2.95

Loose Leaf Hot Tea (Organic)

Individual pot of tea ( choose from one of our loose leaf organics-

3.50 / Pot of tea for two – 6.50

Freshly Brewed Ice Tea  3.25

Sodas- Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Orange Crush or Lemon Lime.   (one refill)  3.25  

Milk     3.25/6  



 Orange or Grapefruit Juice!      5.95 (8 oz) / 7.95(16 oz)            Lemonade 3.50 (8 oz)/ 4.75 (16 oz) Strawberry or Marionberry 4/5.50


 Drinks for the Young at Heart

All with a cherry on top!

Marionberry Spritzer  Marionberries, fresh lime and lemon stirred           with soda. 4.00

Caramel Apple Soda  Our caramel sauce and Torani apple syrup topped with sparkling water. 4

Coconut Pepper Tall glass of Dr. Pepper served over ice with coconut syrup.4.00

Shirley Temple Tall glass of lemon lime soda served over ice with cherry syrup and a cherry on top!  3.50

Roy Rogers  Tall glass of pepsi served over ice with cherry syrup and a cherry on top!  3.50

Chocolate Milk  Simplicity at its best.  Cold milk stirred with Hershey’s chocolate syrup! 4/7

Root Beer Float Two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream covered with root beer and topped with whipped cream. 7.95

Marionberry Milkshake Three scoops of vanilla ice cream with our own marionberry syrup, blended and served with whipped cream.  8.50

 Espresso Drinks (16oz)


NW Snickers Our rich chocolate with hazelnut syrup, caramel and two shots of espresso. 5.50


Marionberry White Chocolate Mocha

Ghiradelli white chocolate steamed with milk and stirred with our marionberry puree and two shots of espresso. 5.50


Hot Cocoa

Our own mix of dark, rich cocoa, sugar and fresh steamed milk.  Topped with real whipped cream!



Our Daily Chai

Our blend of fresh ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, vanilla, pepper and organic black tea.  Served cold or hot with fresh milk.

Sweetened or unsweetened.

5.75 16oz)

White Chocolate Chai

Our spicy chai steamed with frothy white chocolate cream. 5.95


London Fog

Organic Earl Gray served with steamed milk and sweetened with Vanilla syrup.  5.50


Americano   4.25 Cappuccino 4.25  

Latte 4.25

Mocha 4.95

Flavored Latte 4.95   



Kick back, relax and let us serve you one of our favorite weekend brunch concoctions. Step it up with one of our Premium Liqueurs.


Ruby’s Salty Dog Fresh grapefruit juice, Ruby Red Grapefruit Liqueur and vodka served in a tall glass over ice with a salted rim.  10


Screwdriver - Fresh squeezed orange juice, orange liqueur, and vodka served over ice in a tall glass.  10


Bloody Mary ~ Our house Mary mix with vodka and an array of veggies served over ice with a salted rim.  Let us know how hot you like it! 10

 Maria - Our house infused jalapeno Tequila, our own spicy Mary mix, an array of delicious garnish and served over ice with a salted rim. 12 


Tequilla SunriseFresh squeezed orange juice, orange liqueur, tequila and grenadine.  Served in a tall glass over ice with a cherry. 10


Freddie FuddpuckerTake a Tequilla Sunrise and add a floater of Galiano Liqueur. 12.75 


Espresso Martini  - Espresso is shaken with vodka, coffee liquor and cream and served up or on the rocks. 12


“SnugglerHot Chocolate laced with peppermint schnapps and dark crème de cocoa. Topped with whipped cream.  9.50  


Chai Toddy  - Our own spicy-sweet Chai Latte served with a shot of Captain Morgans rum. 12


Peanut Butter Snickers Latte - Enjoy this much loved latte with Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey! 12


Irish Maiden - Irish Cream and Jameson Irish Whiskey are perfect in a fresh cup of coffee topped with whipped cream.12  .






We use fresh juice and premium sparkling wine and liqueur in our mimosas. 

Each one is made to order and served over ice8.95


Traditional Mimosa - Sparkling Wine, Fresh Orange Juice and Orange Liqueur.


Hibiscus - Sparkling Wine, Cranberry Juice, Lime and Orange Liqueur


Lilosa - Sparkling Wine, Grapefruit Juice and Ruby Red Liqueur.


Marionberry - Sparkling Wine, Marionberry Puree and Orange Liqueur,


Strawberry Citrus - Sparkling Wine, Strawberry Puree, Orange Liqueur, Lime

And Lemonade



Each Bellini is made with fresh juice and premium sparkling wine, made to order and served up in a Champagne Flute. 8.95


 Choose from Marionberry, Strawberry, Orange or Grapefruit.


Split plate charge 2.50 – 20% service charge added for parties of 8 or more


*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness